Bianca was professional and to the point. She was very accurate in her description of the person I was asking about and our relationship. I really enjoyed talking to Bianca. She helped me in so many ways by giving me the information I needed.  

Melissa - Tampa, FL

Wow! Allan came over and he told me that he wanted to make things workout between us. It is so weird because we had not even been talking in so long. Then all of a sudden, this happened out of the blue. Your spells are amazing.
Patricia - Hartford, CT


My husband and I had been living with his mother due to us having bad credit and not being able to find a place to rent. We had been denied several times. One day my mother-in-law asked us to move out and the local motel became our temporary home. I was very disappointed and scared and did not know what to do.

I contacted Bianca and she did a spell to help us. The next day, we looked at a house that I fell in love with the moment I saw it. The landlord had to do a credit check, so we took the application home to complete it. I called Bianca and she told me to fill it out, give it to the landlord and that we would get the house. The very next day, to our surprise, the landlord called and asked us to come and sign the lease.

   Thank you so much Bianca!

   Maria & Phillipe -Albuquerque, NM


I called and I had a Soul Mate Reading with Born Psychic Bianca. I wanted to know if my boyfriend and I were ever going to get married. She told me that he did not want to commit and recommended a marriage spell. So, I decided to give it a shot, why not! Bianca also told me that after the spell was cast, that I would be getting married in Las Vegas. She told me to get ready for that perfect dress!

Well, two months later, he gave me the surprise of my life and got down on one knee and proposed. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to call Bianca! She was right about everything. We got married in Las Vegas!

   Thank you, Bianca!

   Claudia -Portland, OR


Wow, Bianca's psychic reading blew me away! She told me personal secrets that no one knows. I was shocked about the things she knew. She told me about the man I was interested in...she even revealed his name. I was stunned! I never told anyone about him. She is the real deal. I have had many readings in the past but none like this one. She is definitely going to be my Go-To Psychic!

   Janet -Pomona, CA


I contacted Bianca because I was suspicious of my husband. I wanted to know if he was cheating on me. He was acting very weird. Bianca confirmed that he was cheating on me with his coworker. I did not want my marriage to end. I wanted to save it! Born Psychic Bianca did a Native American Spell.

That was six years ago and I'm still with the same man. Today, things are better than ever. Things definitely went in my favor! Bianca is definitely my one and only psychic. If you need any situation resolved, contact Bianca! She will help you. She's the best!

   Annie -Orlando, FL


This was my first experience with a psychic. Bianca was wonderful! She made me feel comfortable during the entire process. It was really a great experience.

   Kathleen -Manhattan, NY


My experience with Bianca has been so amazing and it still is. My reading with Bianca was so accurate! I was in a situation with my boyfriend that was extremely bad. I was dealing with his ex trying to tear us apart with evil spells. But, Bianca made sure everything would be alright and it was.

Now, my boyfriend and I are better than ever and getting closer day by day. We plan to have an apartment togehter. It's been a year since my reading and everything she told me would come true, did. Bianca has an amazing gift! I would truly recommend anyone with issues dealing with love, money and the future to contact Born Psychic Bianca! She will help take care of it immediately. I recommend her over any psychic.

   Christina -Oakpark, MI

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