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Cast Off Evil Bath

Use to get rid of negativity sent your way. Also when you are the victim of evil spririts.

King Solomon Bath

King Solomon increases personal power and wisdom.


Come To Me Bath

Use daily while performing spiritual work to draw a certain someone to you for love and romance.


Make Your Wish Bath

Use during wish granting magic.


Controlling Bath

Add this wash to the shampoo of one you want to control. Get your man to break you off by adding this liquid to the rinse cycle of his underwear and socks. Wash your house weekly with this formula when you want to wear the pants in the house.


Special Favor Bath

Use nightly during novenas to Saint Jude. May be used while doing work to grant any special favor.


Court Case Bath

Wash with this for nine days before appearing to court to get a verdict or decision in your favor.


Spiritual Power Bath

Use while doing a work to increase your chances success.


Drawing Bath

Use in spells where you need to draw or attract anything: luck, love, money.


Strong Love Bath

Strong love increases the positive feelings between a couple.


Fast Money Drawing Bath

Use when you need to receive money in a hurry.


Sure Luck Bath

Increase your chances of success in games of chance, for gambling luck and fast money.


Love Drawing Power Bath

Use during love drawing rituals.

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